The 24 year old vocal artist and MC is dedicated to representing and preserving the nature of Hip Hop culture through techniques of speech, rhythm, poetry, rapping, spoken word.

The musical catalogue and story of Excel spans from the suburbs of the Twin Cities to Okinawa, Japan, and beyond. Excel has performed various locations including many Twin Cities venues, Feira (Roppongi/Tokyo, Japan), and various American midwest and Okinawa Japanese venues.

As a community organizer working in efforts to dismantle the school to prison pipeline and build upon youth leadership efforts are concerted via the Universal Movement for the Advancement of Hip Hop (UHAHH), efforts and success of co-founding Progress Foundation non-profit 501(c)3 Organization and leading as Development and Program Director. He also serves as the Program Director with the Hennepin County Juvenile Detention Center Youth Services Program with Save The Kids.  Since the inception Excel has been a member of the James Dewitt Yancy, Foundation Minnesota Chapter.

Excel has consistently worked within organizing events helping to share perspectives of the of the youth with organizing Open Mic Events for the youth, Fundraisers, and Benefits, within the community, to help to lead youth empowerment.