• Pillsbury House (map)
  • 3501 Chicago Avenue South
  • Minneapolis, MN, 55407
  • United States

We proudly present "The Village of Hip Hop," a free and all ages gathering of generations. Celebrating community, social awareness, edu-tainment, & honoring the legacy of true Hip Hop culture and its message to uplift the people.

This is a TWO DAY FREE EVENT! The itinerary is as follows:

Sat July 9
1:00pm - Opening Reception: Art Dispalys, Vendors, Info Tables, Music, Drinks & Snacks!

1:45pm - Presentation: The Origin, Reason and Purpose of Hip Hop as a Movement by Reies Romero/DJ Francisco

3:00pm - Dinner is served! / Social Hour

4:40pm - Panel Discussion: What is Hip Hop Pedagogy: A panel discussion which explores, informs and shows how the elements of Hip Hop serve as excellent tools for reaching today's youth. Featuring a very distinguished group of panelists. A discussion you don't want to miss!
Facilitated by: Wonder Wombman & sounds by DJ Francisco

6:30pm - Closing Remarks

Sun July 10
1:00pm - Opening Reception: Art Displays, Vendors, Info Tables, Music, Drinks & Snacks!

1:55pm - Film Presentation- Shake the Dust: An inspirational and very well told story which highlights how the global effects of the Elements of Hip Hop (DJ, Dance, Graffiti, MC, Dress Style & Philosophy) are being used as tools for liberation. Featuring a solo dance performance by Kimani Beard prior to the film. Hosted by Truth Maze w/Q&A
Total time: 1 hr, 48min.

3:30pm - Networking TIme

4:15pm - Dance Clinic - The Element of Dance: The element of dance workshop dedicated to Hip Hop dance expression and it's many connections. Followed by a freestyle dance cipher. Ages 12 yrs and up.
Dance Instructors: Kenna Cottman, Lisa "Monalisa" Bergman and Herb Johnson with DJ's Francisco, Kool Akiem & WWF!

5:40pm - Closing

In honor of our village,
I'd love to thank.....
Prince & Kirk Washington Jr.
The Million Artist Movement, S.U.N. Academy,Voice of Culture, Food NOT Bombs, & U.M.A.H.H.

- Truth Maze

Sponsors for the Village of Hip Hop:
The Universal Movement for the Advancement of Hip Hop
Pillsbury House & Theatre
Zubaz United
Zamaya Delicious Catering
Diva Rags
House of DJ's
Edupoetic Enterbrainment

For more info about the events or U.M.A.H.H. contact Truth Maze (William Harris) at truthmaze1969@gmail.com